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Justin Hicks lives in Brooklyn, New York with his dog, Charlotte. He is currently attending journalism school at New York University and does freelance writing and web design as often as he can. If you spot him on the subway or on the street, he’ll probably have his nose buried in a crossword puzzle or a camera up to his eye. To see what he’s up to, follow him on Twitter.

Not too long ago, Justin started a branch of Young Eisner Scholars to work with intellectually curious students in Appalachia. With the help of YES and some folks at Appalachian State University, he traveled through rural counties each day to have Socratic dialogue and lessons about mathematics, computer programming, writing, science, and philosophy.justin hicks; justin m hicks; justin michael hicks

Before that, he studied music education at Appalachian State University and became a semi-professional trumpet player along the way. He stills plays music, but just as a hobby now. 

His current endeavor is to begin a career as a journalist. He is plagued with questions about how the world works and the people who make it happen.

Justin was born and raised in Mt.Olive, North Carolina.